Do Wildlife Perfect Mixtures really work?

See (and read) the evidence for yourself!

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Iowa Buck

"This is the deer I took this fall over a hunting food plot with a Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix. The sad thing is this guy is 3 1/2---60% of his potential. I am dedicated to having better winter food and doing those things necessary to keep this kind of deer occupied on my farm! The goal is to have some 5 1/2 year olds. Oh yes, this guy scored 146 5/8."

~DWS - Iowa


Scott's '08 Buck

"This mature whitetail was harvested over a 3 year old Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix food plot located in Northwestern PA during the 2008 Rifle Season. The mature buck was running with 2 other shooter bucks, but was the largest animal in the group. By providing good nutrition year round, we are seeing healthier deer supporting larger antlers! This fine animal will grace the walls of my den!"

~Scott R., State College, Pennsylvania


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Marshall K. Buck 2   Marshall K. Buck   Marshall K. Buck 3

"I can not say enough about your product. I have a very small farm and attracting and holding deer can be difficult. Since I have room for only one food plot it is divided into three sections using Ampac Seed products (Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix, Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix, and the Wildlife Perfect Chicory/Clover Mix). This field has been this way for the past three years. I am not only getting more deer every year but they keep getting larger every year. This eleven-pointer scored 146, weighed over 200 lbs dressed. The best news is this is not the biggest buck we've seen, just the biggest we've closed the deal on. I'm telling everyone that asks me what I plant that I use Ampac Seed's Wildlife Perfect mixes! Thanks for providing GREAT products."

~Marshall K.


Indiana Buck

"I harvested this 8-pointer on the fourth morning of Indiana's shotgun season. I planted about 2 acres of Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix in the back corner of a 30 acre corn field. The farmer didn't shell the corn until late October which made me worry whether the deer would use the plot over the freshly shelled corn. This buck along with two does walked through the cornfield to get to my plot. Wildlife Perfect food plots really do attract and hold the deer on my property."

~Isaac H. - Dubois County, Indiana


WP Grazing Mix

"I harvested this buck late Saturday night coming out of a Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix plot. It's my largest buck with a bow. It field dressed around 195 and is an 8 pt with a 18 inch spread. Though the G2 and 3's aren't very long, the deer was massive! I finally got out of the woods after 8 pm Saturday!"

~Scott R., State College, Pennsylvania October, 2007


"Hello Earl, I have been meaning to send you photos of a food plot that I planted with your seed. The pictures do not do the field justice. As of November 28th, the plants were a good 12 to 18 inches high and very lush. The deer are hitting this field very hard. Frankly, I was skeptical of the product (since I wasn't familiar with the name brand) but am convinced that it is a quality product. It is giving me and the deer exactly what I wanted for this field. Thanks for carrying seed for food plots. Like an idiot, I had accidentally left all my biologic Brassica seed at home and was desperate for some winter food mix. Talk to you soon. David"

David Wachter ~ Office of Acquisition, Logistics, and Construction

"The Wildlife Perfect Ultimate Plus Mix draws more deer in than any other food plot mix I have planted. Also it's the only plot that had 100% establishment for me through the drought of this year."
~Bob Ducharme, QDMA Great Lakes Regional Director, Coldwater, Michigan

"I have been planting the Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix for over 8 years for customers in Pennsylvania and on my own property. It is my go-to mixture that I know I can count on for good establishment even in poor soils and persisting for several years. My customers prefer the Grazing Mixture over all other seed mixtures."
~Steve Trupe, Wildlife Biologist and Food Plot Installation, Potter County, PA

"We have planted several acres of the Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix and the Wildlife Perfect Chicory/Clover Mix on our New York properties and have photographed and harvested several large bucks and mature does! I especially like the Brassica Mixture since we can get several grazings off of it."
~Ken Allein, Habi-Tech Wildlife Consulting, Buffalo, NY

"I've used several different seed mixes and by far, Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix has been the best! My Wildlife Perfect Brassica plots offer high nutrition to the animals. The only problem I have is keeping the moose out!"
~Bill Finney, Registered Maine Guide, Patten Hunting Lodge, Patten, Maine

"On average, only about 20-percent of grouse chicks survive past their fifth week of life in the Appalachian Mountain Region. Legumes like clovers seem to be preferable to grasses, which can become too dense for grouse chicks to walk in and are not generally eaten by grouse. "The Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix gives us an opportunity to directly address one of the key findings of the Appalachian grouse project. Instead of merely recommending good wildlife plantings, we can supply a mix we know is suitable and of the highest quality."
~Mark Banker, RGS Senior Biologist

"I've been hunting the same area for several years but I've never taken or seen a deer in this area as big as the one I took this year. I planted the Wildlife Perfect Chicory/Clover Mix and have shot a 14 point buck and a 10 point buck so far this year. This product really works!"
~Scott Bruce, Dickson County Tennessee

"The deer love your product. We planted the Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix and the Wildlife Perfect Chicory/Clover Mix and the deer are actively grazing these plots. Everyday we see several deer in the plots. This year we shot a 12 pointer during muzzleloader season. Thanks for providing a great product."
~Marshall Kent, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

"I planted the Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix on my personal property in Centre County, PA in the Fall of 2007, we got a great cover that Fall. In the Spring of 2008, the mixture came out of dormancy and matured very well. We saw more whitetail bucks this year during archery and gun season than we ever have in camp history. We were lucky enough to harvest a few doe and a few nice shooters. With the amount of deer we now have on our property, the Grazing Mixture is keeping up with deer."
~Mark Banker, RGS Senior Biologist

"We have tried several mixtures over the years to attract and maintain a healthy deer herd to help in harvesting the animals on video for our show just Kill'n Time. We are using both the Wildlife Perfect Chicory/Clover Mix as well as the Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix and I, along with our Pro Staff are completely satisfied in how it performs. We have plots stretched from northern Virginia to central North Carolina and the plots have done exactly what we were looking for."

"We planted both the Wildlife Perfect® Brassica Mix and the Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix. We couldn't keep the turkey and deer out of it. The Grazing Mix was planted in September once we got moisture. We have a beautiful stand of clover that the deer are keeping trimmed. We are quite impressed with the mixtures and will be planteing several more acres in 2009"
~Dan Bell, Guide and Owner, Bell Wildlife Specialties, Harveyville, KS

"I planted the Wildlife Perfect Chicory/Clover Mix and then the Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix on my property in the Spring of 2008. I am quite impressed in how quick it germinated and matured. We filmed several trophy bucks over the plots for our television show. My nieghbors admire the plots so much that they will be re-planting their plots this Spring to the Wildlife Perfect Mixtures over what they find in the box stores!"
~Sam Haag, Trails-n-Traditions, Sandy Lake, PA