Wildlife Perfect-- Premium Seed to Attract All Types of Wildlife

Pining for that Perfect Food Plot? Wildlife Perfect contains the proper seed and formulations to get the job done for you! Wildlife Perfect features premium seed to attract all types of wildlife!

Each Wildlife Perfect seed formulation is a result of worldwide scientific research, regional performance evaluations, and application-specific considerations. We design each formula to exceed your expectations.

Successful food plot construction requires seed that will grow in your soil. We've taken the guess-work out of seed selection, so you can be assured of a perfect, attractive AND attracting plot anywhere.

Click here to view trial data from Michigan State University. (2007 data)
Click here to view trial data from Michigan State University. (2008 data)

Most Popular Mixtures

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Wildlife Brassica Mixture

Late season hardiness and very high protein content for increased stamina during the Rut! Great harvest plots for late season activity. This is an annual mixture and will need to be replanted the following year. Mixture can be over-seeded into existing Mixtures or open fields for late season production. It is the "Secret Weapon" of the North American deer hunter!

Wildlife Grazing Mixture

An AWESOME legume food plot mixture that is high in protein and will satisfy the needs of all seasons! This mixture is perennial and will come back year after year.

Wildlife Ultimate Plus Mixture

A combination of chicory (a deep-rooted plant that withstands summer heat and drought) and clover that is very nutritious and high in proteins.

Wildlife Chicory/Clover Mixture

A combination of both perennial legumes and chicory formulated to produce high protein content all season long.

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"I can not say enough about your product. I have a very small farm and attracting and holding deer can be difficult. Since I have room for only one food plot it is divided into three sections using Ampac Seed products (Wildlife Perfect Brassica Mix, Wildlife Perfect Grazing Mix, and the Wildlife Perfect Chicory/Clover Mix). This field has been this way for the past three years. I am not only getting more deer every year but they keep getting larger every year. This eleven-pointer scored 146, weighed over 200 lbs dressed. The best news is this is not the biggest buck we've seen, just the biggest we've closed the deal on. I'm telling everyone that asks me what I plant that I use Ampac Seed's Wildlife Perfect mixes! Thanks for providing GREAT products."

~Marshall K.